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  • Dalts = hardest working, gutsiest leaders I know. The finest of sportspeople and bloody nice guy ,
  • Mich colder here than the Sth of France. Just saying. No morning swim today. ,
  • Amazing sail by . Boats look similar in terms of raw speed but better setup and smoother. So g… ,
  • So proud of all the amazing sailing and beautiful boat,
  • Watching on EK from Nice to Dubai. Go boys go! Thanks Emirates!!!! And for backup feed ,
  • So called global mag propagating a US-centric view of the world. There are great CMOs outside the US ,
  • Everytime I step in I instantly regret it. Appalling service. Dirty stores. Awful coffee. Dreaming of St Ali and Dukes right now,
  • To be clear - when ordering anything large or Venti at Starbucks you are ordering a MILKSHAKE with some coffee ,
  • Further spotlighting the Wallabies Woes ,
  • Like wo has tapes anyway? Or even a tape recorder? Or a tape player? Or a fax? ,
  • RH: respect the opportunity you have @Cannes_Lions,
  • Kraft: Stay humble. Work hard. What happened yesterday has no relevance to today or next week. Don't wait for chance. @Cannes_Lions,
  • RH: companies matter in terms of getting stories out to people. @Cannes_Lions,
  • RH points to Trad media co's entering OTT ... @Cannes_Lions,
  • Kraft: nothing bad happens that doesn't have some good associated with it @Cannes_Lions,
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newspaper circ declines…

No big surprises but circ is declining for the most part as folks head online.  If nothing else the industry needs to define a new metric for readership.

  1. USA Today, 2,284,219, up 0.3%
  2. The Wall Street Journal, 2,069,463, up 0.4%
  3. The New York Times, 1,077,256, down 3.9%
  4. Los Angeles Times, 773,884, down 5.1%
  5. New York Daily News, 703,137, down 2.1%
  6. New York Post, 702,488, down 3.1%
  7. The Washington Post, 673,180, down 3.6%
  8. Chicago Tribune, 541,663, down 4.4%
  9. Houston Chronicle, 494,131, down 1.8%
  10. The Arizona Republic, 413,332, down 4.7%

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