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Aftermail – a really hot NZ software company was just acquired by Quest Software.
Congrats to Rod & the team.
You didn’t just build a great product, you built a great company.

“With the support and brand strength of Quest, our leading-edge technology
and our aligned visions, we see this acquisition as a way of accelerating our
growth as a leader in the strategic e-mail archiving market segment,” said Rod
Drury, chief executive officer of AfterMail. “This is an exciting investment in
our team, and in New Zealand. As a part of Quest, we now have
access to a rapidly expanding global market.”

This is also great news for software entrepreneurs in NZ.  It is
clear proof of their ability to deliver worldclass innovations and businesses
into the global market and should underscore the opportunities in NZ for
investors and partners alike.

One Response

  1. By james governor on January 6th, 2006 at 3:45 am

    oy kiwi boy a teeny bit o context would be nice. what is after mail? i know who quest is – the next major systems mangeemnt company to be acquired…

    i like aftermail because it allows email compliance services as part of a horizontally focused archive service, helping to establish a compliance oriented architecture, as opposed to the Exchange only solutions of many players

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