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More On Transparency…

This time from Chris Shipley:

In a blogosphere of connected, fast-breaking posts, you can’t control the story. It’s that simple. Paradoxically, the best way to control a story is to let it go. The more openly and honestly you expose the corporate story — the more transparent the company becomes, the better off your company will be.

Nothing new there. In fact anyone that’s had to deal with El Reg or C/Net will be pretty familiar with this credo.

What is new is the thinking behind and on David Berlin’s Media Transparency Channel. All credit to David for engaging in conversations rather than just transmitting. His latest post has some of my comments on PR Transparency. I think David is the first to shine light on the symbiotic relationship between media and PR – and the transparency conundrum that results.

“It’s about journalists figuring out how to best deliver transparency without being disrespectful to the people that give them their competitive advantage (as journalists).”

I’m working a longer post on this so will leave it at that for now. David and Chris make the right point which is embrace transparency before it embraces you.

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