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Loving My Kindle

I’m going to do a longer post on my Kindle experiences. Here is a bunch of links to great Kindle content:

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Healthy eating while traveling

Like this post over at 101 Cookbooks… With the exception of Asia – and especially China – I find it pretty hard to eat healthy while on the road… But am going to try to do better on this front…

Can’t see myself every packing a camping stove though 🙂 When it seems that all is left is fast food joints, some good thoughts here..

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Cool nike ad

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Kill The Boilerplate?

They are those weird artifacts that nestle between the final lines of a press release and oblivion. Does anyone actually read them? Are they remotely useful? And they cost money down to the very last word.

Thoughts? Shouldn’t we just wipe them from the pages of history? Maybe replace them with a little fact relevant to the content. Something like:

More On Dell

Dell is the #1 provider of notebooks. Learn more at

Or, just eliminate them all together? Thoughts?