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  • Dalts = hardest working, gutsiest leaders I know. The finest of sportspeople and bloody nice guy ,
  • Mich colder here than the Sth of France. Just saying. No morning swim today. ,
  • Amazing sail by . Boats look similar in terms of raw speed but better setup and smoother. So g… ,
  • So proud of all the amazing sailing and beautiful boat,
  • Watching on EK from Nice to Dubai. Go boys go! Thanks Emirates!!!! And for backup feed ,
  • So called global mag propagating a US-centric view of the world. There are great CMOs outside the US ,
  • Everytime I step in I instantly regret it. Appalling service. Dirty stores. Awful coffee. Dreaming of St Ali and Dukes right now,
  • To be clear - when ordering anything large or Venti at Starbucks you are ordering a MILKSHAKE with some coffee ,
  • Further spotlighting the Wallabies Woes ,
  • Like wo has tapes anyway? Or even a tape recorder? Or a tape player? Or a fax? ,
  • RH: respect the opportunity you have @Cannes_Lions,
  • Kraft: Stay humble. Work hard. What happened yesterday has no relevance to today or next week. Don't wait for chance. @Cannes_Lions,
  • RH: companies matter in terms of getting stories out to people. @Cannes_Lions,
  • RH points to Trad media co's entering OTT ... @Cannes_Lions,
  • Kraft: nothing bad happens that doesn't have some good associated with it @Cannes_Lions,
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My Phone Number…

I always chuckle when someone asks me for my office number. The only number that matters is my mobile. One number, always on, anywhere (pretty much) on the planet. By next month I suspect we will be using VOIP at home as well. just highlighted some interesting research that pretty much confirms the view that the US is a wireless backwater in terms of wireless to wireline dependency:~

A Connected Continent
Some interesting new facts on telephone usage in Europe from the “Telecoms Services Indicators 2004” report: The percentage of European households with at least one mobile telephone reached 81 percent in 2004. This puts mobile telephony on a par with households having at least one fixed telephone line.

In fact, more and more households have mobile phones and no fixed line at all. The average of households without any fixed line is already 15 percent, and this proportion reaches 33 percent in Finland and Portugal. (Only 3 percent of households have no phone at all).

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