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  • Quarter final super rugby and the stadium looks pretty empty. Sad state of super rugby in AU,
  • Agree with Mark - don't get it. Don't need to be reminded that my sandwich was a beauty chook. ,
  • I just published “The Cannes Conundrum” ,
  • Church in London has a little cafe in the entrance serving Allpress coffee. How good is that. God and coffee to go. ,
  • That flight to London is one epic trip. Thanks for an enjoyable flight.,
  • Must read for all marketers... ,
  • ... instead correlate TV to commercial outcomes, not online viewing ,
  • ... but buying TV so people watch you on YouTube while trying to sell Tide... that's more than strange ... ,
  • Another reason TV is so important a part of the Mix - spillover into online engagement ... ,
  • Well that's a change. Might be better to focus on the tech stuff though. And the need for lots of it. ,
  • Some beautiful coffee kit here... ,
  • Further evidence that the IRB are nearly as out of touch with rugby performance as the ARU ,
  • Acquisition is important for growth... But if its is just replacing loss, it isn’t growth – it’s just churn .. ,
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I Wish…

Lot’s of lists floating about at this time of the year. This one really caught my eye. Adam Penenberg has penned an pretty interesting list of what he hopes will happen in online media during the coming year.

I was really intrigued for by the first two. The challenge of copyright and licensing of content will be one of the defining issues of the coming year. Looking at Google’s news portal – as I do each day – it strikes me that most of the publications will be overjoyed with the visibility Google gives them (I mean it’s not like I was visiting, Radio Free Europe, or the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner). But it will be a defining issue for the big guys.

The second concerns the evolution of blogging. His second para is something I’m especially conscious of. Too many blogs, this one included, spend too much time ruminating on news rather than reporting, creating, or commenting on it. The great advantage of RSS is that I get to see what you have to post when you have something meaningful to post. Frequency isn’t the issue. Expect to hear less, but more from me in the New Year.

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