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Record Falls…

Mari-Cha has done it, breaking the 100 year record for an Atlantic crossing under sail. What’s amazing is the smaller Kiwi boat, Maximus, is only 3 hours (40 miles) behind her and still might be able to hunt her down for a win. Ok, it’s not a Podcast but here is a call from Mari-Cha on the record falling.

This morning, in thick English Channel fog, Robert Miller’s (Hong Kong/New York, N.Y.) 140-foot (43m) Mari-Cha IV passed through the four-mile-long gate off the Lizard on the Rolex Transatlantic Race to break the 100-year-old record set by Charlie Barr on board Wilson Marshall’s 185-foot (56.4m) Atlantic. Miller’s giant state-of-the-art racing schooner completed the 2,925-nautical mile passage, east across the North Atlantic between New York and the Lizard, in a time of 9 days, 15 hours, 55 minutes and 23 seconds-a full 2 days, 12 hours, 6 minutes and 56 seconds faster than Atlantic’s record-breaking voyage 100 years ago.

"It is a great feat," commented Mari-Cha IV’s owner Robert Miller. "For a record to stand 100 years, and we’ve had the honour to make an attempt and be successful at it–I am over the moon, overjoyed. It is fantastic. This was a very tough trip. We had six days of weather on the nose. We crossed the Gulf Stream, saw some very rough seas there and again headwinds and steep short seas on the nose, and the boat and the crew took a lot of beating."  –

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