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  • Publicis prioritizing investment is super smart. Nothing to be gained from investing in Cannes. Way over priced ,
  • Cannes this year is both shallow and disappointing. Some ok content but overly commercial and no CMO agenda ,
  • Shares in Cannes Lions' owner fall as Publicis pulls out and WPP voices doubts ,
  • All marketing arcs lead to membership. @Cannes_Lions,
  • Sharing = currency of communications. The system (social media) carries the currency and enables transactions . @Cannes_Lions,
  • Better never stops @Cannes_Lions,
  • Love the power of great brands + great artists + great institutions being drawn together by the artist ,
  • Yup ,
  • Unification of Unilever marketing org means better control over assets - less duplication/volume and more localization @Cannes_Lions,
  • Keith makes a fair point on reach - is about reaching those you haven't reached. @Cannes_Lions,
  • Creativity is last source of competitive advantage. Maybe... ,
  • Unstereotyped ads perform 25% better. a convenient number? but just the same a powerful point if even 5% better. @keithweed,
  • Brand safety and suitability go hand in hand. Some progress made but way to go. @keithweed,
  • Time to tackle the bots. Rip the ad fraud out. No such thing as cheap media. @Cannes_Lions,
  • Must count 100% of pixels as a view. Not 50% and not less. Need for 3rd party verification @Cannes_Lions,
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Stonyfield Farms

Great post on one of my blog heroes Stonyfield Farms. Here’s a quote:

Stonyfield’s sales have also increased 25 percent over the last year, and the company has just begun a major expansion that will double the size of its existing plant … All that with almost no traditional advertising." Gary (CEO) comments: "The proof, first of all, is that on our website, we have 750,000 subscribers to our four ‘Moos Letters.’ Dannon doesn’t have that, Yoplait doesn’t have that, Kraft doesn’t have that"

They get that its all about participation. And so, how does a company rationalize new marketing strategies and entering the blogosphere. Gary says it all here:

Underneath it all, Gary says, is the constant creation of new strategies. "We never knew what was really going to work because there were no models for us," he explains. "We led with the only things we really knew — our yogurt and our causes."

What’s your cause?

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  1. By Christine Halvorson on November 18th, 2005 at 4:59 pm

    Hey, there!

    Just a note of thanks for taking note of the blogs at Stonyfield Farm.

    We’re having great fun with this grand experiment and our readers seem to be loving it–especially The Bovine Bugle blog, where our farmer Jonathan Gates tells about his daily life. Stop on by. We promise we won’t make you milk the cows!

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