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  • Looking forward to the next edition worth subscribing to print and online newsletter,
  • Good tips for fundraising. But, first step is to understand how ready you are by getting everything investors need… ,
  • Great tips from a deal maker and good observations on use of machines learning and AI to build better services… ,
  • Great read - love that is smashes the rampant ageism and myth of youth ... Alan Patricof: An Ageless VC Makes a Spl… ,
  • Some of the best music you'll ever listen too... stacked-up and ready to stream ,
  • Warm up for the Sydney to Hobart. ,
  • The power of brand influencers - interesting read. Interested in views on their methodology - might work for US mar… ,
  • Very clever... A Microsoft Excel Artist ,
  • While the problem underlying M&A integration is big, Material Information Platforms implemented pre-transaction wil… ,
  • Wow... t/sheets acquired by Intuit ,
  • Way to start the morning. Beautiful Balmoral.. Balmoral Sailing Club ,
  • Bank inquiry puts global investment at risk: Westpac's David Lindberg.. spot on ,
  • Why are taxi apps so appalling. Slow, lousy interface, freeze... hopeless attempt to satisfy customers and so easily fixed,
  • should give us the option of only accepting drivers who aren’t on a job. Stop “forcing” drivers to take a job while on a job. ,
  • National looks more desperate every day. NZ is lucky to have a leader with this much experience. ,


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