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  • Amazon announces profits ⅓ of what street expected. Bezos becomes world's wealthiest person. That's just how the Zon roles...,
  • “Be the silence that listens.” — Tara Brach () (thanks ),
  • Wow! ,
  • Everytime I have to go back to the world I think "I just wish this company used for everything". ,
  • Every time I am "forced" to use Microsoft software it is nothing but a major disappointment - think the hardware might be ahead of software,
  • RR points to the sad state of the CMO. Succession is the major issue - aside from the turnover itself ,
  • Of to Christchurch. Brrrrrrrrrrr,
  • Stop whining about Facebook and Google and learn from them - spot bloody on! ,
  • Looking forward to reading this ,
  • Worth a read ,
  • Love this... ,
  • Like how McKinsey frames culture and behaviour together. ,
  • Fed Up with Super Rugby games stopages for criminal investigations. Equaly tired of thuggery ,
  • Quarter final super rugby and the stadium looks pretty empty. Sad state of super rugby in AU,
  • Agree with Mark - don't get it. Don't need to be reminded that my sandwich was a beauty chook. ,
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This is too good to miss…. From Penguin via O’Reilly

… think about all this in the context of remixing (something Katz touches on). The bloggosphere is one big remix paired with a ton of original content.

Small bits of information — links, tags, images, syndicated blog entries — are travelling the internet and being recombined, remixed, into new aggregates. Software is being remixed. Business models are being remixed. O’Reilly used remixes as a theme for their recent Emerging Technology conference, and they give a nice heads-up on Penguin UK’s contest for remixing spoken word samples with homegrown music. Aside from the remix of two different types of audio programming, the contest highlights the combination of three businesses: Audible, iTunes, and Penguin.Bill Katz

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